BG Proficiency & Club Championships July 2014


To the following girls for passing the

British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.


LEVEL 7: Amaya Jobanputra    
LEVEL 6: Charlotte AldermanAlicia Robb  Eleanor PaulYvie Smith Ophelia Whitfield
LEVEL 5: Millie BlitzBella Davies

Sowmiya Paramjorthy 

Sophie ChieseEva Lawson

Dia Patel

Aanya DaveAmaya Lucas

Sophia Joseph 

and…medal test

To all those who took part in the

RMS Academy Annual Gym Club Championships.

Well done to everyone for taking part.

I hope you enjoyed the day and gained from the experience.

YEAR 2/3:    
1st:      Grace Lewis 2nd: Sara Fardad 3rd:Libby Hayward
YEAR 4:    
1st:       Josie Sacks 2nd: Berry Partridge 3rd: Jemima Redding and Iona Fraser
1st:       Freya Whitheat 2nd:Stephanie Bryer 3rd: Ellie Powell and Daliah Allardice
Year 6:
1st: Diana Khodurskaya 2nd Charlotte Churchman 3rd: Ria Amin
Year 7:
1st Ellie Wheeler 2nd: Caitlin Johal
Year 8:
1st: Molly Coates 2nd: Mia Tompkins 3rd: Ashley Clarke and Caitlin Jones
Year 11:
1st: Sarah Roger-Lund


UNDER 9: Josie Sacks

UNDER 11: Freya Whitheat

OVER 11: Sarah Roger-Lund

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